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  • Spray Painting with N2

    – Save on liquid materials, improve flash time, finish quality and productivity! Conventional compressed air consists of different gases carrying impurities traveling at different speeds resulting in molecular “collisions” promoting overspray, uneven distribution and layout of paint particles. Heated Nitrogen from Nitroheat, consists of the same size molecule, traveling at the same speed in the same direction carrying more paint promotes an even layout and distribution and minimizes overspray.
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  • Why?


    Nitrogen is inert.... totally dry..... no moisture.... Ideal propellent for spray paintying....

    Electron microscope images comparing compressed air to nitrogen taken at 200X shows a higher quality laydown and minimal impurities. Metallics orientation is correct with every coat of paint.
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  • ROI


    1. Minimum wastage = savings of paint materials

    2. Controlled Temperature = Faster Flash Time = Faster Cycle Time

    3. No impurities = higher quality finish = minimal buff and Polish
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Liquid Material application using spray gun technology has relied on compressed air since the early 1900’s. The presence of moisture in the compressed air has always been a challenge during liquid and powder application. Inline filtration and drying has minimal nenefits, but the benefits of heated Nitrogen raises quality and efficiency to a whole new level.

The process of using heated nitrogen through the separation of oxygen and hydrogen from the compressed air results in the cleanest, dry medium available for spray-on applications. The addition of heat to the nitrogen further enhances efficiency and productivity in the promotion of curing/drying time of the liquid being applied.

The atomization process using a single gas (nitrogen) is far more efficient than the atomization process use of multiple gasses in compressed air. Atomization can now occur at lower pressures thereby reducing compressor consumption, minimizing overspray and wasted material with significant less VOCs being exhausted into the atmosphere, which subsequently increasing the lifespan of spray booth exhaust filters.

Current users of this technology have seen vast benefits in material savings, improved cycle times (due to faster curing) and a higher quality finish.

The high volume requirements of a liquid application process are addressed with an in-house “nitrogen on demand” generator solution that eliminates the need for high-pressure tanks and adherence to hazardous requirements.

The NitroMax systems will provide an unlimited supply of heated nitrogen….. spray with nitrogen

Benefits of Heated Nitrogen

Transfer Efficiency

Spraying with a single gas (N2) improves minimizes the overspray, thereby wasting less material and improving your transfer efficiency. A higher volume of paint is transferred to the part being painted and less material is wasted into the atmosphere

Flash Time

The Nitrogen supplied by the Nitromax system is inert and dry (characteristics of Nitrogen), the introduction of heat via the heated hose to the spray gun promotes paint flash time and consequently productivity.

Finish Quality

The absence of moisture ensures a higher finisher quality. Minimize “buffing and sanding”

Cycle Time

Faster flash times, better transfer efficiency and cleaner finish quality results in improved cycle times

The Nitromax 30 (NM30) is our most popular model for a dual painter / dual booth system. This can also be used with multiple booths / multiple painters with the addition of a receiver tank and pressure booster (if required)

This units can be wall mounted and are easily “self installed”

The NitroMax15 (NM15) is our base model nitrogen generation system.  This heated nitrogen Spray Painting solution for a single spray booth or for a single painter facility. However, if you do have more than one spray facility, but only have one painter, this system will work with 2 x Heatpro 200s.

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HeatPro 200 is a compressed air heater used to increase productivity and efficiency.
It is ideal for spray-painting of both waterborne and solvent-based materials. The built-in set value and present value temperature controller allows maximum user control. Temperatures are adjustable for application of different liquid materials. Ideal temperatures can be achieved for sealer, primer, base, and clear coats. 

3 Stage Filter (optional for use without Nitrogen)
The Heatpro 200 can also be used with our high performance 3 stage filter set. The filters consist of a centrifugal water separator, a coalescent cartridge, and an active carbon cartridge to give you the clean dry compressed air.
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The Nitroweld NW-650 is a complete plastic welding station with built in temperature controllers including N2 and compressed air selection. This unit can be used with an external nitrogen supply (tank) or can be attached to a nitrogen generator. If used with a nitrogen cylinder, the built in selector allows the user to pre-heat and cool down with compressed air and ONLY use the N2 supply for the direct welding process.

The NW650-N2 generator eliminates the need for tanked nitrogen. 

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Founded in 2010, by Derek Naidoo, the company has seen consistent growth over the past years in both the automotive and industrial sectors. Our systems are used in paint and other sprayable liquid applications.

Sales are conducted via a distributor channel internationally.

Made in Portland, Oregon, Nitroheat distributes its products internationally from this location.

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