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  • Spray Painting with N2

    – Save on liquid materials, improve flash time, finish quality and productivity! Conventional compressed air consists of different gases carrying impurities traveling at different speeds resulting in molecular “collisions” promoting overspray, uneven distribution and layout of paint particles. Heated Nitrogen from Nitroheat, consists of the same size molecule, traveling at the same speed in the same direction carrying more paint promotes an even layout and distribution and minimizes overspray.
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  • Why?


    Nitrogen is inert.... totally dry..... no moisture.... Ideal propellent for spray paintying....

    Electron microscope images comparing compressed air to nitrogen taken at 200X shows a higher quality laydown and minimal impurities. Metallics orientation is correct with every coat of paint.
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  • ROI


    1. Minimum wastage = savings of paint materials

    2. Controlled Temperature = Faster Flash Time = Faster Cycle Time

    3. No impurities = higher quality finish = minimal buff and Polish
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We Design and Manufacture of Custom Membrane and PSA Nitrogen Generators with heater controllers and heated hoses for automotive and industrial applications

Nitromax | Nitromax 30 (NM30) Most Popular Model | Nitroheat

Nitrogen generators for Spray Painting

Nitrogen generators for Industrial

Nitrogen generators for Tire Filling

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Founded in 2010, by Derek Naidoo, the company has seen consistent growth over the past years in both the automotive and industrial sectors. Our systems are used in paint and other sprayable liquid applications.

Sales are conducted via a distributor channel internationally.

Made in Portland, Oregon, Nitroheat distributes its products internationally from this location.

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